Fateh-Kaur-Light-SMWith over 20 years experience practicing and teaching yoga, and with a sincere passion to provide this purifying and rejuvenating practice to others, Mia Glick embodies the essence of dharma in action. It is with this approach and the experiences of her personal journey that Mia has founded South Florida’s first Miami Beach Kundalini Yoga Festival.

Born into a large family in Coral Gables, Mia, the sixth of seven children, was first drawn to yoga at the age of 15 as a healthy refuge from the chaos and pressures of her adolescent and family life. As such, yoga served to nurture her self-awareness and inner peace, and set Mia on a path of lifelong practice.

After 10 years delving into the art of Iyengar yoga, and enjoying a successful international modeling career with Ford in New York, Mia discovered the next level in her practice, Kundalini yoga (3HO), and developed an instant connection with the teachings. One meditation in particular revealed to her the heart of the Kundalini experience: By discovering a practical tool through which to channel and express a focused stillness inside herself, she became aware of how to reach her highest potential.

From that moment on, Mia knew her practice would have a larger purpose.

With the support of The Rhythm Foundation, 501(c)(3) Mia’s mission comes to life in the Miami Beach Kundalini Yoga Festival, a two-day exhibit of profound healing, interpersonal and community connection, and shared experience in South Florida, the community that raised her.

Mia has drawn from her 20-years practice and teaching knowledge to personally create a transgenerational, community-wide Kundalini experience that unites all individuals from the yoga-conscious to the yoga-curious, including those who simply seek a more connected way of living.

In teaching, Mia focuses on the power of movement from a physio-neurological perspective. She is certified in prenatal and Kundalini yoga, having studied directly under Yogi Bhajan at The Master‘s Touch in Espanola, NM (1996) and received his guidance throughout the years. She also has years of training in Anusara, 5 Rhythms, and Iyengar, learning from BKS Iyengar and Geeta at their school in Pune, India (1997). Her work has been featured in various publications, including the cover of DK Books’ B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Women, and Prevention magazine.